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High and New Technology

  Priorities are given to the development of industries in the CEPA agreement which originate in Hong Kong and Macao and enjoy duty-free policy, including electronic information, biological medicine, new energy, environmental protection and aeronautical manufacture. Hengqin will be constructed into an ecological high-tech industrial base with strong capability for independent innovation and science and technology transformation.
  The land in the high-tech planning area will be used for industrial research and development, storage logistics, residence and commercial service facilities.
  “Starlight Chip Internet of Things Project 
  ——R&D and application industrialization of SVAC national 
  standardized security monitoring Internet of Things chip system”
  The“Starlight Chip Internet of Things Project-R&D and application industrialization of SVAC national standardized security monitoring Internet of Things chip system” project is undertaken by Beijing Vimicro and led by Mr. Deng Zhonghan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It is a security science and technology project whose major focus is the implementation and application of Surveillance Video and Audio Coding (SVAC) with full intellectual property rights and the world’s leading technology.
  National Food Safety (Hengqin) Project
  The national center for food safety innovation will be built. We will construct laboratories that are recognized by both the Chinese and U.S governments, develop new recognition technology on the basis of unified product code, conduct technical standardization research, set up a whole-process tracking traceability system, construct an international authoritative third-party inspection and detection center, as well as attract world-class research institutions, inspection and detection agencies and relevant international organizations to settle in Hengqin.  The national food safety cloud service platform, the construction area of which is to be no less than 3000㎡, will be built by making full use of technological resources such as big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and Internet of things.
  The food safety financial service platform will be constructed. We will take advantage of the Hengqin financial innovation policies, establish the food safety development fund with social and government capitals, set up food safety financial service platform, attract international financial investment as well as support national food safety innovation center to carry out high-level research and promote the commercialization of scientific findings.
  The national food safety e-commerce platform will be constructed. We will take full advantage of the national agricultural science and technology park, innovate the demonstration food safety agricultural produce base and construct a distribution center for agricultural products from Hong Kong and Macao and the e-commerce platform.
  The China-US food safety research center and China World Food Center will be built to develop international cooperation on food safety of China and America.